Anger (coraje) wrote,

wish list:

my my my how time does fly...

still though my brain seems to think i shouldn't be around and that... ah.. never mind...
on to what i was gonna put on my wish list!
which is really just one thing (well ok, its more than one, but really if i got this i'd be the happiest geek in the world!!)

click that.. that's what i want!
well. as some of you may, or may not know, i used to be a pc repair technician, that's right, i could rip them apart and put them back together! anyways, that was one of the tools i had at my disposal! freaken sweet really...
you put a nice little motherboard on that sucker, and it has all the connections you need for IDE HDD's and SATA HDD's not just that... it had connections for... get this... LAPTOP HDD's!!!! :O!!!!!!! (if you've seen a laptop HDD you'd know why it's a big deal :P)

i loved that thing though... made diagnosing problems soooooooo freaken easy... made cleaning out of viruses sooooooo easy too... just have a HDD hooked up that would have an up to date virus/spy-ware sweeper and BAM you're in business my friend...

so yeah.. if you got the green and LOVE me that much.. i'd love you back :D lol

ah.. enough type.. back to work :(
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